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Su Placer is a collaboration between my husband and me (there are photos of us at the bottom of this page) and a small group of families in Northern Ecuador. The collection is designed in upstate New York. Then, working closely with our friends in Ecuador our fabrics are hand painted, hand stamped, hand cut and then sewn by fine artisans. We strongly believe in fair trade and incorporate those ideals into our projects in Ecuador and throughout the world.

Each piece is a labor of love. Read on to learn about the process of making these garments that are truly one of a kind, art to wear.

The process for creating our art to wear often starts in a garden or on a walk in the woods. A photo or sketch is created when that light bulb in my head goes off. This example started at the Gintner Botanical Garden in Virginia.

With photos and sketches in hand, Rene transfers the idea to make a carved stamp.

From an idea in a garden, a batik stamp is created.

The fabric is painted by hand, stamped with wax and painted again.Sometimes this process is repeated several times.

Here, stamping wax on fabric that has already been painted.


Next, the fabric is washed in boiling
hot water which not only removes the wax but makes our comfy clothing pre-shrunk.

Ready to wear, and wear, and wear, and wear.

The final step before cutting in small batches and sewing is to completely dry the material in the Ecuador sun.

Line Drying.jpg

We are both so pleased and proud  to be part of this collaboration with our friends in Ecuador.

Lynn is the lead designer and Dan takes care of the business side of things. Lynn and Dan work together in upstate New York.

We enjoy the process, the people, the fair trade aspect of the business. This project benefits seven families in Ecuador and our family too!


Terri A., Madison, WI

"I am thrilled!
Oh Lynn! They are so beautiful!! The box came earlier this week, but I was holding off opening it, as a reward for completing a long to-do list. I was rapturous as each item emerged!! One of my favorite things is the high quality of the jersey knit. It is substantial while still supple."

Pat R., Overland Park, KS

"The shirts arrived today, Lynn. I love all of them."

Barbara, NY

Hi, I have never met a headband that didn't slide off my thick straight hair. Till your head wraps! I love them ...
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